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Conference Training Workshop

Attendees at the Inclusive Hurricane Preparedness Conference have the option to participate in a pre-conference training workshop offered by West Virginia University's Homeland Security Program for this event.  Space is limited to the first 70 attendees, so please book now.  The workshop runs for 1.5 days.  Coffee will be served in the morning at the workshop, but breakfast and lunch are the responsibility of the attendee.  The workshop is being held at the IP Casino and Resort.


Pre-Conference Workshop – April 26-27, 2010


Emergency Planning for Special Needs Populations

Training Partner: West Virginia University's Homeland Security Programs

Instructor: George Heake


About this Workshop:

The purpose of the “Emergency Planning for Special Needs Communities” course is to address the need to incorporate special needs considerations into the development of emergency plans. The course’s goal is to utilize a strategic multi-disciplinary universal planning approach to provide information for and encourage partnerships between emergency personnel and special needs organizations with the resources necessary to save more lives during a disaster. This approach will emphasize the role of emergency management and provide examples of best practices, lessons identified, tools, resources, and other support aids.


You Will Be Able To:

  • Identify the significance of a functional approach in emergency planning for special needs communities
  • Identify key issues in developing and disseminating procedures for delivering emergency communications and public information
  • Describe inclusive sheltering and mass care provisions for special needs populations
  • Recognize key issues involved with transportation during an emergency evacuation


Post-Conference Workshop – April 30, 2010

***Please note, this workshop is not at the conference location, it is approximately 1.5 miles away at:

Church of the Redeemer -- 610 Water Street -- Biloxi, MS 39530


Emergency Responders and the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community

Training Partner: Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network

Instructor: Neil McDevitt


About this Workshop:

The purpose of this workshop is to provide deaf and hard of hearing (including deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing, late-deafened and other individuals with hearing loss) and emergency responders with the basic skills they need to communicate with each other in the event of emergencies such as terrorist attacks and natural and biological disasters.  The course will also instruct participants on how to respond to a variety of emergency situations. Deaf consumers, emergency management officials and key members of community planning teams (i.e., local and appropriate state and federal officials will also benefit from this course, especially in developing or strengthening current emergency plans to communicate with people who have hearing loss.

To register for this conference and workshops click: HERE

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