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enableUS is an organization with a mission to match needs with resources for the emergency management and disability communities. Through accessible educational events, enableUS partners with government agencies, non-profits, associations, NGO's, and the private sector to empower these communities to prepare and respond to emergency situations. enableUS provides a forum that encourages the exchange of ideas, information and resources to better equip US all.

The Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network (CEPIN) assists in developing and maintaining relationships between the emergency management and special needs communities.  Through accessible training offerings, CEPIN allows for a greater understanding in responding to disability communities when man-made and natural disasters occur.  The program was founded in 2004 when FEMA awarded a TDI a grant to provide training for emergency managers in the areas of responding to deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers. In 2007, DHS awarded TDI/CEPIN an additional grant to develop a Web-based training program for emergency managers that focuses on all disability communities.  This training program is scheduled to be delivered in early 2010.


Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Inc., (TDI) was established in 1968 to promote the distribution of Teletypewriters (TTYs) in the Deaf community and to publish an annual national directory of TTY numbers known as “The Blue Book.” TDI is an active national, nonprofit advocacy organization that focuses its energies and resources to address equal access issues in telecommunications and media for four constituencies in deafness and hearing loss: deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened and deafblind.CEPIN is a program coordinated by TDI that promotes awareness and preparedness between emergency responders and disability communities.


The NCBRT at LSU is a training center offering courses in counter-terrorism primarily to emergency responders.  The NCBRT's mission is to help American prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from acts of domestic and international terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, and high-consequence events through teaching, training, technical assistance, and research.  The main source of funding for the center is through a cooperative agreement from the Office of Grants and Training, a component of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Preparedness Directorate.  More information about NCBRT and courses offered can be found at.

EPI - Emergency Prepardness Initiative

The National Organization on Disability launched the Emergency Preparedness Initiative (EPI) following the September 11th attacks to ensure that emergency managers across the nation address disability concerns and that people with disabilities are included in all levels of the emergency management spectrum. Through national outreach, education, and awareness efforts, EPI ensures that people with disabilities are taking an active role in participating alongside preparedness officials before, during, and after an emergency.

The mission of St. Petersburg College’s Center for Public Safety Innovation (CPSI) is to provide high quality training for emergency and first responders, military personnel, and the general public, delivered in various formats—Web-based, video, broadcast, and face-to-face—using state-of-the-art technology and best practices in education and training. CPSI training focuses on public safety, the disaster preparedness cycle, illegal drug interdiction, community engagement, and enhanced quality of life for all.

The National Terrorism Preparedness Institute (NTPI), a division of CPSI, provides education and training for our Nation in terrorism awareness and emergency preparedness, response, and recovery.

Bridgford Foods offers a full line of Shelf-Stable, Ready to Eat Pocket Sandwiches in six varieties with a three year shelf life when stored at eighty degrees or below.  The product was developed for inclusion in the United States Military’s “First Strike Ration” and is a perfect solution for disaster relief.   We also offer a full line of Shelf-Stable Ready to Eat Meal Kits with varying degrees of shelf-life and nutritional value.   

In addition, Bridgford offers a full line of Frozen Sandwiches and Frozen Meal Kits in a large variety of choices. The Frozen Sandwiches and Meal Kits have a one year shelf-life and once defrosted can remain in refrigeration for up to 35 days prior to consumption.

HeaterMeals Self-Heating Meals come with everything needed for “A Hot Meal Anytime, Anyplace”, and now consumers can enjoy “A Hot Beverage Anywhere” with Cafe2Go Self-Heating Beverage Kits.  HeaterMeals ¾ pound Entrees and Meal Kits have reduced sodium content and are easy to use, store & distribute without refrigeration, and keep for up to five years. Since 1990, over 1.5 Billion meals have been heated.

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viaRadio Corporation builds and manages RDS emergency alerting networks for governments, school/university systems, emergency managers, hospitality organizations, and other large organizations in the U.S. and Caribbean. The systems include user-friendly hardware and software systems designed to trigger instantaneous text alerts to a variety of platforms including desktop alerts, cellular telephones, radiotext, LED displays, and digital signage. Systems in operation provide warning and post-event information for disasters both natural and manmade.  Founded in 2005, viaRadio, along with its parent Germany-based 2wcom, are worldwide leaders in RDS/RBDS equipment and data systems. For more information about viaRadio and its RDS networks, visit

The mission of the Stephenson Disaster Management Institute at Louisiana State University is to save the lives of people and animals by continuously improving disaster response management through research and education. This goal is fulfilled through four core mission areas: supply chain and logistics, education and training, media and communications, and evacuation and shelter. SDMI seeks to address the challenges of disaster management by engaging academic researchers and practitioners through public-private collaboration to develop realistic solutions, publish smart practices, and teach improved disaster management strategies.

RTM Designs is the leading software developer of Web and Windows based Information Referral and Client Tracking software products.  Since 1996, our products have been designed specifically for organizations providing human service information and assistance to the community through call centers or the Internet. RTM Designs' clients include 2-1-1 Call Centers, Aging Resource Networks, Crisis Intervention Centers, Child Welfare Organizations, and many other specialized call/assistance centers throughout North America.

RTM Designs offers a range of I&R software solutions with one goal in mind - to help you efficiently and effectively provide much-needed services to your community. Our ReferNET system is currently serving over 40 statewide and multi-county networks nationwide; providing our clients with centralized resource data maintenance, call and client tracking systems, statistical reporting services, publicly-accessible web searches, and current disaster service information.

The Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross Movement, provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. The American Red Cross is where people mobilize to help their neighbors—down the street, across the country and around the world—in emergencies.  Each year victims of some 70,000 disasters turn to the more than half a million volunteers and 35,000 employees of the Red Cross.


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