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enableUS is a unique organization that produces educational events for the emergency management and disability communities. enableUS partners with government agencies, non-profits, associations, NGO's, and the private sector to empower these communities to prepare and respond to emergency situations. enableUS hots forums that encourages the exchange of ideas, information, resources and fosters collaborative relationship building to better equip US all.

The Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network (CEPIN) assists in developing and maintaining relationships between the emergency management and special needs communities.  Through accessible training offerings, CEPIN allows for a greater understanding in responding to disability communities when man-made and natural disasters occur.  The program was founded in 2004 when FEMA awarded a TDI a grant to provide training for emergency managers in the areas of responding to deaf and hard-of-hearing consumers. In 2007, DHS awarded TDI/CEPIN an additional grant to develop a Web-based training program for emergency managers that focuses on all disability communities.  This training program is scheduled to be delivered in early 2010.


Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Inc., (TDI) was established in 1968 to promote the distribution of Teletypewriters (TTYs) in the Deaf community and to publish an annual national directory of TTY numbers known as “The Blue Book.” TDI is an active national, nonprofit advocacy organization that focuses its energies and resources to address equal access issues in telecommunications and media for four constituencies in deafness and hearing loss: deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened and deafblind.CEPIN is a program coordinated by TDI that promotes awareness and preparedness between emergency responders and disability communities.

Innovative Data Solutions Inc., produces software solutions that makes a difference in the lives of others. Don Slone founded the company in 1995 to develop powerful, yet easy to use software. InDEP, created in 2008 in conjunction with the City of St. Louis, facilitates a coordinated effort across multiple agencies in locating and providing aid to vulnerable populations during emergencies such as extreme heat, earthquakes, flooding, etc. For more information

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Interested in showcasing your products and solutions to an audience of government agency decision makers? Budget-conscious sponsorship packages are available for this conference. Click here for a sponsorship package or contact Brian Lake 703-894-7414 for further information.

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