Education Center

Rocky Mountain Access and Functional Needs Conference - September 28-20, 2011


PowerPoint (12mb) – Marcie Roth, Director, Office of Disability Integration and Coordination, FEMA

PowerPoint (620kb) – Pat Seybold, Executive Director, Kentucky Council of Developmental Disabilities

PowerPoint (103kb) – Facilitated Audience Discussion Talking Points

PowerPoint (7mb) – Sheree Fugate, Disability and Emergency Management Consultant

PowerPoint (2mb) – Jon Davis, Assistant Coordinator, Polk County Emergency Management

PowerPoint (10mb) – Sherry Buresh, Director, Christian Appalachian Project Disaster Services

PowerPoint (7mb) – Karin Ford, Disability Consultant, Iowa Department of Public Health

PowerPoint (818kb) – Sarah Williams, Former EMA Director, Audrain County MO

PowerPoint (7mb) - Andy Perlman, Acting Program Director, Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network


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