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2013 Whole Community Preparedness Conference - November 20-22, 2013


PowerPoint Ben Schleisman, Wisconsin Emergency Management Agency

PowerPoint Angie Cloutier, Indiana Department of Homeland Security

PowerPoint Jimmie Thompson, Illinois Emergency Management Agency


PowerPoint Jessica Mitchell, FEMA Region V

PowerPointTanya Ferraro - Medical Reserve Corps of SW Virginia

PowerPoint Carol Dunn -

PowerPoint Jason Golden, American Red Cross

PowerPoint James Garrow, Philadelphia Department of Public Health

PowerPoint Group Tabletop Exercise

PowerPoint Kory Schulz, The AidMatrix Foundation

PowerPoint Sharon Kish, United Way of Porter County

PowerPoint Gary McKay, District 1 Task Force

PowerPoint Nancy Carlson, Minnesota Department of Public Health

PowerPoint Keith Lang, Lutheran Social Services of Upper MI and WI

PowerPointDebi Meeds - Southern Missouri Chapter, American Red Cross

PowerPoint Jane Delligatti, LARRI

PowerPoint Dr. Donna Alexander, Cook County Animal and Rabies Control

PowerPoint Alijah Hunter, Michigan City Animal Control

PowerPoint Alexis Newman, Chicago Veterinary Medical Association

PowerPoint Dr. Cheryl Eia, American Veterinary Medical Association

PowerPoint Jeanette Tandez and Melissa Watt, Region IV and V Medical Reserve Corps

PowerPoint Karin Ford, Iowa Department of Public Health

PowerPoint Jim Williams, Wallgreens

PowerPoint Steve Kay, SE Wisconsin Homeland Security Collaborative

PowerPoint Fran Tibbot, LaPorte County Emergency Management Agency

PowerPoint David Maack, Racine County Emergency Management Agency

PowerPoint Paul Timmons, American Red Cross

PowerPoint Gear Up Get Ready

PowerPoint Animal Services Work Group

PowerPoint Fire and Life Safety for Functional Needs Communities

PowerPoint - San Francisco RCPT

PowerPoint - NY/NJ RCPT

PowerPoint - Hampton Roads RCPT

Files Wisconsin VOAD, Volunteer and Donations Management Resources


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